Routine Care

To keep your silver and gold jewelry sparkling, avoid getting household bleach or other cleaning chemicals on it. It may cause rapid discoloration and damage your jewelry. We recommend that you store your jewelry in a safe place if you do any of the following

  • Household chores or outdoor work (cleaning, gardening, etc.)
  • Showering, bathing, swimming pools, whirlpools, hot springs, or sea bathing
  • Use of lotions, hairdressing products, perfumes, and other cosmetics
  • Exercise or strenuous sports at the gym
  • Cooking

When removing gold or platinum jewelry, we recommend that you store it in the case provided with the delivery.

Storing your jewelry at home

If you use your jewelry frequently, store it after use in a tarnish-protective cloth or in a special storage box to prevent direct exposure to air. Good quality storage boxes are lined with discoloration-protective fabric and are designed to store each item separately.

Packing jewelry when traveling

When traveling, it is important to keep your jewelry organized and safe. If you plan to bring more than one item with you on your trip, we recommend that you store your jewelry in a box or bag with dividers. This will prevent your jewelry from getting tangled or falling apart. Try to pack jewelry in a separate area so that it does not get caught on clothing. Wear or carry expensive items in case your luggage gets lost.

Packing jewelry when moving

When moving, collect all jewelry in its final storage location. If using a jewelry box, wrap and package each piece of jewelry and place it in the jewelry box. Once all items are protected and stored, protect the jewelry box with packing materials just as you would furniture.